True Help Networking and The True Help Canadian Financial Security Program Privacy Policy


Our Commitment to your Privacy

True Help Networking and The True Help Canadian Financial Security Program are committed to protecting your privacy and ensuring that your visit to our website is completely secure. If you have any questions or problems with any aspect of our privacy policy or its implementation, please contact our Privacy Officer.

The True Help Canadian Financial Security Program (previously know as The Canadian Financial Security Program) and The True Help Canadian Financial Advisor Resource Center are owned and operated by True Help Networking. The mission of The True Help Canadian Financial Security Program is to help our Members create financial assets, grow and protect them, and then safely pass them on to their chosen heirs. This Program is built on the principles of "truth" and " help". Our websites are dedicated to enabling individuals and families to achieve financial security and peace of mind. The mission of The True Help Canadian Financial Advisor Resource Center is to provide useful resources to Canadian financial advisors and life insurance agents who are committed to doing only what is best for their clients.

Personal information collected on our Members and Subscribers is never shared with anyone outside of our Program. Any personal information collected is available only to our staff and our affiliated financial consultants who offer personal council to Members. To comply with federal and provincial regulations, all of our affiliated financial consultants are trained financial advisors who are licensed in the province in which they give such advice. As such, they are bound by provincial regulations regarding the offering of advice and services and in the handling of personal information.


How we use your Personal Information

Your personal information will be used in order to provide you with the requested free materials and services. This includes the use of information that will allow and help you to download our free materials and communicating back to you if appropriate or necessary relative to the answers you provide on our Member Survey, which you are asked to fill out when you subscribe to our free Program and Library.

The only information we collect is that which is freely given by our Members, and the personal information is only used to offer specific advice or council directly to that Member. Nothing of a personal nature, including email addresses, is ever shared with anyone other than our staff and our affiliated financial consultants.

True Help Networking only saves such personal information that is necessary for you to access and use our services and for our personnel and our associated Financial Consultants to respond to your needs as demonstrated in your Financial Survey. This personal information includes, but is not limited to, first and last name, email address, and phone number. True Help Networking will store such personal information until you unsubscribe from our Program, and you formally request by email that all personal data collected be permanently deleted, or revoke your consent to its storage, or True Help Networking otherwise deletes that personal information in accordance with its decisions or internal policies. You may unsubscribe from our Program at any time by clicking on he "Unsubscribe Link" provided at the bottom of the page in all email correspondence that we send to you.

An unsubscribe ability is included in all email communications. You may also unsubscribe by sending a message to with "remove" in the subject line. Please include the email address that you used to subscribe as well as your full name and address to assure you are unprescribed properly. If you do not supply the email address we have on file to process your unsubscribe request, the system may not be able to complete the unsubscribe process. The most effective way to unsubscribe is to click on the "Unsubscribe Link" that is included with all email communications.

We send our Members periodic email newsletters to the email address supplied by them. These newsletters will generally be on a by-weekly basis with occasional "special reports" at other times when we feel we have important information to share with our Members that may be helpful relating to financial or legal security.



We partner with third party ad networks, such as Google Ads and Bing Ads to manage our advertising on other sites. Our Ad network partners use cookies and Web beacons to collect non-personally identifiable information about your activities on this and other Web sites to provide you targeted advertising based upon your interests. age bracket, and other factors. If you wish to not have this information used for the purpose of serving you targeted ads, you may opt-out by using the following links: Google's Opt-out, and Bing's Opt-out. Using these links will not unsubscribe you from our Program, but can help you control the kind of ads you are exposed to when you use their search and advertising services. To unsubscribe from our Program, you must use the "Unsubscribe Link" clearly displayed on all of our email correspondence to you.


Third Party Services

This site may use the Google Maps API and other Google services to help us find and invite new members to our Program. Therefore, the terms of Google's Privacy Policy are incorporated by reference into our Privacy Policy.


Contact Us

If you feel that anyone associated with our Program or company has not lived up to our Privacy Policy, please send a message directly to the President, Michael F. Murphy at